Dopo qualche ritardo – provocato come facilmente intuibile dall’epidemia di Coronavirus – Fairy Tail sarà finalmente disponibile il prossimo 30 luglio.

Abbiamo avuto l’opportunità di parlarne direttamente con Keisuke Kikuchi, producer del videogioco, con il quale abbiamo discusso della sua realizzazione e del processo di adattamento del manga/anime originali nonché del gameplay e di alcuni aspetti tecnici.



After a couple of delays – provoked by the Covid-19 pandemic – Fairy Tail will be finally available on july, 30th.

We sat down with Keisuke Kikuchi, producer of the game, to talk about the process behind it from the adaptation from the original manga/anime series to the gameply and technical aspects.

MF: Welcome to MangaForever, Kikuchi-san. We are very grateful to have you here for the first time to give us an inside look into Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail is described as an JRPG. Why choose this particular genre for this game adaption?

KK: Our major focus for FAIRY TAIL was to give fans of the series, especially those who may not normally play many games, and new players the ability to use really impressive linked magic attacks. The RPG aspects like leveling up your character and improving your guild fit well with the FAIRY TAIL series and its large cast of characters. Another aspect we were excited to create was the ability to have characters combine their strength to defeat powerful foes, which I think works perfectly in an RPG.

MF: Also, will the game mechanics be the ones from the JRPG tradition – turn based etc… – or are there some more action oriented, button bash variations?

KK: We are using a traditional turned-based RPG battle system for FAIRY TAIL. However, by timing your inputs along with the movements of your enemies, you can perform counter attacks and follow-up attacks. You can also use specific magic attacks for a limited time after linking different types of magic. I think this really adds an additional layer of liveliness to the game.

MF: Of course, the fans of the manga/anime series will buy the game but can casual gamers or JRPG lovers enjoy it as well?

KK: While we are making FAIRY TAIL for fans of the series, the world is filled to the brim with fantasy elements and unique characters which will definitely appeal to JRPG fans. By leveling up your characters, you can unleash amazing magic attacks and abilities. The intense drama that unfolds during the story will be very fun for JRPG fans as well.

MF: Has the creator of the series Hiro Mashima has been involved in the development of the game in any form?

KK: Mashima-sensei supervised the planning and development of FAIRY TAIL, and gave us a lot of fantastic advice and ideas. In addition to overseeing the character models and checking magic attacks and abilities, he also gave us his feedback on the game after walking around Magnolia, and provided our team with ideas on original Unison Raids.

MF: From the first gameplay trailers the character design and the interactions between them look to be heavily influenced by the manga/anime, for the example the balloons for the dialogues, they were informed choices? Why so?

KK: We tried to recreate the look and feel of an anime or comic through the art style and animations. We also referenced the style and expressions used in Mashima-sensei’s manga when making FAIRY TAIL.

MF: Why did you choose the cell-shading style?

KK: Koei Tecmo Games has been working on the technical ability to produce game adaptations of anime series, so we decided to use cel shading to recreate the look and feel of the world from the anime.

MF: Fairy Tail will be available for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. Is the Nintendo Switch version any different from the PS4 or PC version in terms of gameplay or controls?

KK: There aren’t any differences in terms of the gameplay or controls.

Thank you very much, Kikuchi-san. It was an honor and a pleasure to have you with us.
Domo arigatou gozaimasu.

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