Ignatz Awards 2016: candidati e vincitori

Sabato 17 settembre alla Small Press Expo sono stati resi noti i nomi dei vincitori dell’edizione 2016 degli Ignatz Awards.

Gli Ignatz Awards (che prendono il nome dal popolare personaggio della striscia Krazy Kat di George Herriman) sono dei premi assegnati a partire dal 1997 a opere e artisti meritevoli di aver raggiunto notevoli traguardi nella Nona Arte, intesa anche come mezzo di espressione personale degli autori.

Il sito del Washington Post riporta i candidati e (in grassetto) i vincitori di questa ennesima edizione. In fondo all’articolo la cover gallery delle opere premiate.

Categoria Outstanding artist:

  • Daniel Clowes, for “Patience”
  • Ryan Heshka, for “Mean Girls Club”
  • Kevin Huizenga, for “Ganges”
  • Noah Van Sciver, for “Disquiet”
  • Tillie Walden, for “The End of Summer”

Categoria Outstanding anthology or collection:

  • “Beverly,” by Nick Drnaso
  • “Beyond: The Queer Sci Fi and Fantasy Anthology,” edited by Sfé R. Monster and Taneka Stotts
  • “The Complete Wimmen’s Comix,” edited by Trina Robbins
  • “Killing and Dying,” by Adrian Tomine
  • “Step Aside Pops,” by Kate Beaton

Categoria Outstanding graphic novel:

  • “Hot Dog Taste Test,” by Lisa Hanawalt
  • “Nod Away,” by Josh Cotter
  • “Sick,” by Gabby Schulz
  • “Soldier’s Heart,” by Carol Tyler
  • “Trashed,” by Derf Backderf

Categoria Outstanding story:

  • “The Hunter,” by Joe Sparrow
  • “Killing and Dying,” by Adrian Tomine
  • “Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam” from Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam and Other Stories, by Simon Hanselmann
  • “My Hot Date”, by Noah Van Sciver
  • “Shrine of the Monkey God,” by Kim Deitch from Kramers Ergot 9

Categoria Promising new talent:

  • Kevin Budnik, for “Handbook”
  • Maia Kobabe, for “Tom O’Bedlam”
  • Sara Lautman, for “The Ultimate Laugh, Grape Nuts”
  • Carolyn Nowak, for “Radishes”
  • Tillie Walden, for “I Love This Part”

Categoria Outstanding series:

  • “Cartozia Tales,” edited by Isaac Cates
  • “Demon,” by Jason Shiga
  • “Ganges,” by Kevin Huizenga
  • “Megg & Mogg & Owl,” by Simon Hanselmann
  • “Powdered Milk,” by Keiler Roberts

Categoria Outstanding comic:

  • “As the Crow Flies,” by Melanie Gillman
  • “Be Good,” by John Martz
  • “Fantasy Sports No. 1,” by Sam Bosma
  • “Patience,” by Daniel Clowes
  • “Shrine of the Monkey God,” by Kim Deitch from Kramers Ergot 9

Categoria Outstanding minicomic:

  • “The Experts,” by Sophie Franz
  • “Laffy Meal,” by Pranas T. Naujokaitis
  • “Maps to the Suns,” by Sloane Leong
  • “Radishes,” by Carolyn Nowak
  • “The Unofficial Cuckoo’s Nest,” by Luke Healy

Categoria Outstanding online comic:

  • “A Cartoonist’s Diary” [tcj.com], by Rina Ayuyang
  • “Just Doing My Job” [muthamagazine.com], by Gynnis Fawkes
  • “Octopus Pie” [octopuspie.com], by Meredith Gran
  • “A Small Revolution” [revolution.boumerie.com], by Samantha Leriche-Gionet (AKA “Boum”)
  • “Vattu” [rice-boy.com], by Evan Dahm


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